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What Makes a Car Enthusiast and Why Do They Do It?

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Most people have probably come across a car enthusiast at some point in their lives. There are different levels of people who love cars and different reasons they might obsess over them. Some people may just really love their own car, while others enjoy exploring what there is to know about cars of all kinds.

To some, an obsession with cars can seem baffling. If you see them mostly as a practical means of transport, you might not be particularly bothered about knowing more about them. However, there are many reasons people become interested in cars and dedicate a large amount of their time and energy to them.

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What Is a Car Enthusiast?

A car enthusiast is anyone who has a particular passion for cars of all types. They might be interested in cars in general, or they could be interested in a specific category of cars. Car enthusiasts might just enjoy looking at or watching cars, but many of them also like plenty of other things about them. They might enjoy driving, the mechanics of cars, car maintenance or manufacture, restoring old cars, racing, or even the pleasure of keeping a car clean and shiny.

Not everyone who is really interested in cars will necessarily view themselves as car enthusiasts or anything similar. They may simply see it as one of several interests that they have. Others will view cars as one of their passions and recognize that their enthusiasm for cars is an important thing in their life.

A lot of people like cars, but there are different levels of interest. If you’re a driver and own a car, you’re probably at least somewhat interested in them, in the same way you would be interested in anything else that you use regularly. However, others take that interest further and love to learn about and obsess over cars.

What Do Car Enthusiasts Call Themselves?

Car enthusiasts use a few different names for themselves, and others might also use certain names for them. In fact, there are dozens of different nicknames for people who love cars. Which ones are used might depend on region, age, culture, or what exactly it is about cars that the person loves.

Some of the names you might see for car enthusiasts include:

  1. Petrolhead
  2. Car geek
  3. Gearhead
  4. Grease monkey
  5. Motorhead
  6. Speed freak
  7. Autophile
  8. Auto aficionado
  9. Car buff
  10. Car junkie

There are plenty of other names that car enthusiasts might use for themselves. But whatever names they choose to use, it’s all about their love for cars and the different things that they enjoy about them.

car enthusiast - Acura NSX

Why Do People Obsess Over Cars?

No two car enthusiasts are the same. People who love and obsess over cars all have their own reasons for doing so, although there are certainly shared interests. Here are some of the reasons people love cars and dedicate a lot of their time to them.

Exploring their taste and style

Some people love fashion, others may be interested in interior design. For car enthusiasts, it’s cars that can allow them to explore taste and style—and show that they have it. There are lots of different types of cars, and various aesthetics to explore. Car designs are evolving all the time too, so enthusiasts can keep up with the latest models and trends.

Personality and self-expression

Being interested in cars is also a great way for someone to show their personality and engage in some self-expression. Everything about cars can just appeal to some people. Whether they like that there are endless things to learn about them, they have a need for speed, or they like the luxury side of more expensive cars. The cars they choose to own and the ones they’re interested in can tell people something about them and what matters to them. Whether they like classic or vintage cars, luxury cars, or just regular passenger vehicles, it can say something about who they are, what they aspire to, and what matters to them.

A love of attention to detail

People who love cars, and especially those who enjoy taking care of their own car, often have a strong love of attention to detail. They gain satisfaction in carefully cleaning and maintaining their cars, and they enjoy exploring ways to improve, modify, and maintain their cars too. It can give them a sense of pride, and many people find it a good way to relax too.

No matter what car enthusiasts call themselves, they have plenty of reasons for their love of motor vehicles.

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