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Review of the Turtle Wax Graphene Ceramic Paste Wax

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Turtle Wax Graphene past wax

It is hard to beat the new spray sealants and ceramic coatings today. Also worth noting we performed a product review in an earlier article Ultimate Guide to Car Waxes, Sealants, and Ceramic Coatings. Each year they seem to be getting better and better. Add to that they can be applied while drying the car making it even easier. The durability is becoming unreal. To the point that it makes me wonder if I should be exposed to these chemicals. I recently watched a YouTube review of a spray sealant that went 100 washes. Although that didn’t capture the UV exposure and breakdown performance it is none the less impressive. So if spray waxes are so great why is the Turtle Wax graphene paste wax even out?

  • Key take aways:
    • smells nice, almost like berries
    • application is much like other paste waxes
    • you get the feeling that there is a thick coat on your car compared to spray sealants
    • will whiten black plastics, like paste waxes do in general
    • great shine and luster, good balance between carnauba warm and sharp like ceramic coating
    • extreme water beading, its no joke
    • no curing time listed
    • good price
    • arm and shoulder workout, but is fulfilling

Application Process

  1. wash and dry the car
  2. rub an applicator pad or microfiber in the wax jar, press and twist a few times to get it on there (if it is cold out <50F)
  3. apply a VERY THIN layer across the paint, avoid black trim parts
  4. let it haze over for about a 1 min or so, in cold weather it almost took 5 min
  5. buff off with a micro fiber towel follow up with another fresh microfiber to increase the shine
  6. some have used a damp microfiber to help remove if you are having trouble

Turtle Wax Graphene Paste Wax: The user experience

If you have ever applied a paste wax before, you know how labor intensive it is. Granted you will walk away with a workout and a muscle pump like no other. So its interesting why did Turtle Wax decide to release something new in this old application method? Maybe the question will never get answered.

Compared to other paste waxes it was easy to use. I just kept forgetting to use a thin layer, a little goes a looonnngggg way. Using the microfiber applicator it was straight forward to apply and let haze over. The hazing did not appear as an extreme contrast but looking at it sideways did help. The wipe off and buff was almost as much as an exercise as the application. It did grab the microfiber a bit on the first pass but was very smooth on the second buff.

You can see, from the above photos, it has a carnauba yellow color but with a dark tint. I can only assume this is the graphene that it is infused with. The graphene (i assume) also accumulated on the edges microfiber applicator, which peaked my interest. I’m not sure why it was filtering out to the sides of the applicator, must be something to do with the chemical bond and agitation. One test I will try next is a lighter application pressure and warmer temperature and see if it does the same thing.

smooth and thin application of the graphene paste wax

This was applied at night in colder temperatures, around 40F. It was not easy but no paste wax is going to be any easier at that temperature. As paste waxes go, it did perform well in the whole process. If it is hot out and you are in direct sunlight it might be a little harder to manage the speed at which it hazes over.

The Results:

final results of the turtle wax graphene paste wax
Not bad for 22yr old paint

Turtle Wax Graphene Paste Wax: Conclusion

Overall it is a great paste wax and for a great price. Its hard to argue with that glossy shine above. It has a warm soft feel to it and the water beading is on par with the much more expensive ceramic coatings. The application process is antiquated and labor intensive but I really enjoyed it. At the time of this writing is going for about $26 and can compete with much more expensive paste waxes. The product leaves me with the impression of better protection than a spray sealant. I perceive a thicker more durable coating, but only time will tell. I will watch this on my daily driver over the next few months and report back, If you or someone you know enjoys spending time with their car then would be a great choice.

6 Month Update:

So something happened that really impressed me with this wax and has actually changed my mind on paste waxes overall. I have been driving this white truck every day since I waxed it for about 6-7 months now. It is the winter time and has only been washed maybe twice since. As one can imagine it is grungy from the on-off rains and had built up a nice layer of road grim in the usual spots. I recall looking it over thinking this truck is definitely due for a wash. Same thing with my girlfriends car, which was recently ceramic coated.

One night a short rain storm came through and the down pour was pretty heavy at some points. The next morning I walked to the truck like normal and noticed, to my surprise, it was definitely cleaner. My girlfriend’s car was parked right next to it and was not nearly as clean as this truck. I am certain it is this wax and plan on running some longevity tests to compare or baseline its performance. Who knows maybe even coat some panels and run a cross- SEM analysis. In the mean time it is going on the daily drivers.

If you are wondering where the paste wax sits in the realm of detailing then check out this article.

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