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The Importance Of An Oil Change For Your Car

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importance of an oil change

What’s the big deal about changing the car oil? Well think of it as you can save time and money by following your cars maintenance schedule for oil changes. Engine technology as well as oil and oil additives have improved over time and as such today automobiles may go 5,000 to 7,500 miles between oil changes and for those using synthetic oil can even go 10,000 to 15,000 miles between changes. Not all cars are the same so simply follow the recommended schedule for your car.

What happens if I do not change my oil?

In the event you delay the oil change long enough without an oil change it could cost you an engine. Once the oil has turned to sludge it no longer lubricates well and generates more friction. BCCA Auto Service Cebtre provides a great visual understanding of dirty oil versus clean oil using their rubber ducky test. This can lead to complete mechanical failure which would require a new engine or possible a new car.

engine failure
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While this may appear extreme, the car has clearly overheated and will need to be replaced. Think of all the money you saved
by not getting oil changes so now you can spend several thousand buying a new car. And you might want to consider an EV given they do not need oil changes however you will need to remember to plug it in. Probably not too different than failing to brush your teeth regularly.

What is the cost of an oil change ?

The cost of a DIY oil change including the filter using conventional oil is roughly $35 to $75. Now if your car uses synthetic oil you will pay more from $65 to $125 for an oil and filter change. This is assuming you already have the equipment to do this. The high $ oil changes usually are the high mileage oils and filter or specialty oils (Ams oil or Red Line). Oil changes done by a mechanic or facility will cost a bit more (~$80 -$150+) and the selection of oils can be limiting.

The ultimate price of not changing your oil

Cars that use synthetic oil typically require less frequent oil changes when factored in save time and money. In contrast, the cost to replace a car motor is something like $3,000 to $5,000 for regular cars and for the more complicated engines this can go from $6,000 to $10,000 in the event the car is a Porsche. Typically, four-cylinder motors run around $4,000. This probably doesn’t include labor either. The math is straightforward. The scheduled oil changes win and in particular. Ask yourself if you really have time for this:

why oil changes are important
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