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Mullen Automotive: Accelerating the Future of Electric Vehicles

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Mullen Automotive

Hello to all you motorheads, car aficionados, and electric vehicle enthusiasts! In this article, we are going to take a closer look at Mullen Automotive, which is a fairly new EV company that is making waves in all the right places, and which is potentially set to change the world of eclectic vehicles once and for all. But who exactly is this Southern-Californian company known as  Mullen Automotive?

Mullen automotive start of the Journey

Our journey starts out in California, which is where Mullen Automotive made its entrance into the world of electric vehicles with a bang. The company, started its life as Mullen Technologies in 2014, when it was set up by David Michery, and it is fair to say, has gone through many evolutions over the years, before eventually settling on its current mission to bring high-quality, cutting-edge electric vehicles (EVs) to the global market.

Mullen Automotive utility van

Speeding into production

It’s fair to say that, in the automotive industry, there are a lot of dreamers who have some amazing-sounding ideas about how they can transform the industry, but why never get those ideas off the drawing board and into real life. Mullen Automotive is not one of them – they’re the real deal. 

The company is racing ahead with the development of their first new car, the Mullen Five, a premium electric SUV with a lot of promise, which has reached those exciting final stages of development.

As if that was not exciting enough, the company is also looking to build partnerships that will make it possible for them to license and manufacture more vehicles like the Mullen Five, a premium electric SUV, which is an interesting and rather futuristic-looking car that is sure to appeal to the core EV demographic.

Mullen Automotive commercial vehicles

Mullen automotive steering towards a greener future

Right now, Mullen’s business plan is a forward-thinking one that shows their vision in the realm of electric cars. They plan to capitalize on what is a rising demand for eclectic vehicles that are as powerful and attractive as they are good for the planet, by developing high-performance EVs and bringing them to the US and international markets too.

Mullen Automotive is focused on sustainability design and superior performance in equal measures. They are laser-targeting their operations on eco-conscious people who do not want to compromise style and speed for their ethics.

Mullen Automotive is also investing in solid-state battery technology with the end goal of increasing the range of their vehicles while, at the same time trying to minimize battery charge time – a common pinch-point that puts consumers off switching to EVs.

The milestones ahead

As for the road ahead, Mullen Automotive has its sights set on achieving some momentous milestones. The company hopes to launch the Mullen Five in the US market in the latter part of 2024. After this, they hope to break out into a select number of international markets too, but this may depend on the success of their US sales first.

In terms of technology, Mullen’s ongoing development of solid-state batteries is set to be a game-changer in the industry, with the company hoping to commercialize the tech by around 2026. If successful, The fact that their cars will be able to drive further than most, with a lower battery charging time than average, will quite possibly help them to win the EV race.

As you can see, Mullen Automotive is a company you will want to watch if you have any interest at all in electric vehicles and the industry surrounding them.

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