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Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner Review 2024

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Turtle Wax Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner

Let’s get real: wheels get dirty. Brake dust accumulates, road grime sticks, and your once-gleaming spokes become…well, not so gleaming. But before you resign yourself to a life of perpetually grimy wheels, consider the humble Turtle Wax Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner.

This review dives into the various Turtle Wax wheel cleaning options, examining their effectiveness, ease of use, and value for the money. We’ll cut through the marketing hype and answer the key question: Do these cleaners actually deliver on their promises, or are they just another bottle on the shelf?

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Cleaning Power: Do they tackle everyday dust and stubborn grime effectively?
  • User-Friendliness: Are they easy to apply and rinse off, or do they require elbow grease?
  • Value: Do you get your money’s worth, or are there better options out there?
  • The Verdict: Are Turtle Wax wheel cleaners worth a spot in your car care arsenal?

This review aims to provide a clear and objective assessment of these popular wheel cleaners. Whether you’re a detailing enthusiast or just want to keep your wheels looking decent, you’ll find the information you need here. So, buckle up and let’s see if Turtle Wax can help you clean up your act.

The product stress test

As you can see from the photos below this is a mess. Much like we did for the Turtle Wax Redline Wheel Cleaner, this product was used on the same car but on the other front tire. The below rims and calipers had 3 years and 6 track days worth of brake dust build up. It was so caked on that regular soapy water and scrubbing would not improve anything. So a perfect starting point for a wheel cleaner product test and review.

How to use Turtle Wax Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner

  1. Shake up the product bottle
  2. Rinse the wheel and rim, pre-soak so the dirt can loosen
  3. Spray on the hyper foam and let sit 30 seconds to 1 min
    • Because of the short dwell time it is recommended to do one wheel at a time
  4. Rinse and dry
  5. Apply spray wax to seal in the surface for future contaminants

Hybrid Solution Hyper Foam Results

As you can see the from the results below the Turtle wax Hyperfoam did remove a bit of the brake dust. This is one of the easier to use wheel cleaners, pretty much spray on, let it do its thing and rinse off. Overall it did not remove all of the brake dust but it did remove the majority of it. The remaining dust you see was where the product essentially stopped working. It did a great job removing the bulk of the dust but would not return any more benefit after that, even with scrubbing. I think this product will work very well if it is used on the maintenance washes. This wheel cleaner could easily remove the lighter amount of buildup. With the foaming action it will really help get the inverted / vertical areas as well. To its defense the remaining caked on dust was not easy to remove after this. I had to switch the Rapid Decon and elbow grease to finish the job. Even with the more intense cleaner it did take a few cleaning cycles to fully restore.

Turtle Wax Hyper foam Wheel Cleaner: Customer Review Roundup

Customer reviews for the Turtle Wax Hyper foam Wheel Cleaner paint a generally positive picture, but with some nuances to consider:


  • Effective cleaning: Most users find it removes brake dust, grime, and road dirt effectively, leaving wheels clean and shiny. Some even report it tackling light to moderate iron deposits.
  • Convenience and ease of use: The spray-on, rinse-off formula is praised for being user-friendly and requiring minimal scrubbing, especially compared to traditional wheel cleaners.
  • Foaming action: Many enjoy the thick foam clinging to wheels for longer contact time and potentially better cleaning.
  • Safe for various wheels: Many report success on different wheel types, including chrome, alloys, and painted finishes. However, caution is advised for heavily damaged or neglected wheels.


  • Varied results: Cleaning power seems to vary based on dirt severity. Some mention needing agitation with a brush for heavily soiled wheels.
  • Value for money: Opinions differ. Some find it affordable and effective, while others consider it overpriced compared to competitors.
  • Scent: Some users dislike the fragrance, though this is subjective.
  • Potential color issues: A few reviews mention minor discoloration on certain wheel types, but the majority report no issues.

Conclusion and opinion on Turtle Wax Hyper Foam Wheel cleaner

Driveway Enthusiast Rating:

10/10 – if you are going to use it with each or every other maintenance wash. Certainly every wash if you don’t plan on scrubbing the rim and the rims are ceramic coated.

5/10 – if you plan on removing very heavy build up over many years. If you find yourself removing the rims to clean the calipers and inside of the rims, I would probably switch to a different, more aggressive cleaner.

The Turtle Wax Hyper foam Wheel Cleaner receives mostly positive reviews, praised for its cleaning power, convenience, and ease of use. For the monthly car wash I do recommend the Hyper Foam. It is easy to spray on while washing the car and a quick scrub will keep the rims looking good. However, for cleaning up aggressive brake dust I would switch to something stronger. If you are trying to tackle build up much like to the photos shown above I recommend using Rapid Decon or Redline by Turtle Wax. For what it is, it does a great job as a part of the maintenance washes. Ultimately, whether it’s the right choice for you depends on your individual needs, budget, and wheel condition.

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