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You Crack Me Up…our cracked brake rotor experience

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two piece rotor design

In our life experiences some things are troublesome and we deal with that.  In our case this was a cracked brake rotor. Then there are situations that are quite scary.  For example, there was the time I had landed in Houston picked up my rental car and I was on the LBJ freeway when a car came up next to me honking their horn.  As I looked closer, they were pointing to the back of the car.   I pulled off on the shoulder and found my laptop on top of the trunk lid.  On that laptop was everything I needed for the week in Texas. 

This was clearly a new level of scary for me and I think it was luck that kept the other possible outcomes away.  Just several weeks ago on July 2nd another scary level event occurred.  It was after the second track session for that Sunday a brief tire check to prepare for the third track time disclosed a hairline crack in the front brake rotor.  The crack was barely visible and noticing this was a miracle.

cracked brake rotor

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We did not do the third track session calling it a day.  If the rotor had failed completely there are any number of possible outcomes including not being able to stop the car at a top speed of 130 miles per hour moving into a turn.  So, it was back to the shop once the new rotors arrived.

replacing the stress cracked rotor

The decision was to go with DBA rotors versus the stock rotors.  To be fair the stock OEM rotors did last sixty thousand miles.  Other than the stress crack cracked brake rotor the original rotors were in excellent condition and did wear very well.  The new rotors were slotted and were a simple bolt on replacement.

new dba rotor

The entire process took a little less than two and a half hours to replace the front rotors, Having the lift certainly helped as well as all the right tools.

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