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Rubber trim restoration

How to restore rubber trim on a car

The first eye sore was this white degraded rubber contrasted, on black and it was unevenly spread across the length of the car. This was first on my list of things to restore and I knew I couldn’t make it any worse. So a perfect place to experiment. Since this is a truck used for wheeling I wasn’t going to replace the rubber. Listed out is the process I used

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light colored car wax protection

The Best Car Waxes for White Cars: Top 3 Picks (2023)

Applying wax to your car is essential for protecting its paint from the elements. White or light-colored vehicles are especially susceptible to fading since it can be a challenge to see the signs early on. So it’s important to choose a wax that keeps your ride shining and protects the areas white cars are more prone to. Now any protection is better than nothing, however here we will share our top 3 picks for car

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Ultimate spray wax for vinyl test 2023

Which spray wax or product is best for a vinyl wrapped car? I do appreciate the clear vinyl wrap on my sports car and if it wasn’t so cost prohibitive I would have this on all the cars. Vinyl wrap has many benefits like taking the brunt of rock impacts. Also, when the wrap is used up you can just peel it off and put on a new one. And if you are really ambitious

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NuFinish Ceramic Spray Coating

Review of NuFinish’s The Better Than Wax Ceramic Spray Coating

Nu Finish ceramic spray coating is a non-greasy formula that leaves your car with a long-lasting shine. It is very easy to apply and can be used on many different surfaces. In my experience it worked better than expected and at a great price. Every year or so a new sealant comes out and they just keep getting better. This one is definitely leading pack in longevity in my opinion. In

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A Product Review of the Amazing Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions

I give this product a 9.5 out of 10. The Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions is the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to sealants. The cost of this product range from $22 to $29, not including shipping.

There is no denying the depth and shine that this brings to your car. The turtle wax can also be layered. Personally, I use it on top of a more permanent ceramic coating.

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