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importance of an oil change

The Importance Of An Oil Change For Your Car

Engine technology as well as oil and oil additives have improved over time and as such today automobiles may go 5,000 to 7,500 miles between oil changes and for those using synthetic oil can even go 10,000 to 15,000 miles between changes. Not all cars are the same so simply follow the recommended schedule for your car. In the event you delay the oil change long enough without an oil change it could cost you

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two piece rotor design

You Crack Me Up…our cracked brake rotor experience

In our life experiences some things are troublesome and we deal with that.  In our case this was a cracked brake rotor. Then there are situations that are quite scary.  For example, there was the time I had landed in Houston picked up my rental car and I was on the LBJ freeway when a car came up next to me honking their horn.  As I looked closer, they were pointing to the back of

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Track day at Thunderhill

Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon: Thunderhill Track Day Experience

While you are grouped with other drivers by driving skill level, you are not required to drive any faster than you feel safe. You do need to follow the courtesy rules for allowing cars to pass you safely. There are noise limits in effect so excessive sound was not an issue. On Saturday afternoon when the temperature was 105 there was a situation where a driver went up over a hill and off the track;

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Mullen Automotive

Mullen Automotive: Accelerating the Future of Electric Vehicles

Hello to all you motorheads, car aficionados, and electric vehicle enthusiasts! In this article, we are going to take a closer look at Mullen Automotive, which is a fairly new EV company that is making waves in all the right places, and which is potentially set to change the world of eclectic vehicles once and for all. But who exactly is this Southern-Californian company known as  Mullen Automotive? Mullen automotive start of the Journey Our

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I need a car battery jumper

You need a Car, but keep perspective

So, you need to get a car. This is not about wanting a car; that’s a different article. My first new car purchase occurred the day after my exceedingly used 1972 Cadillac engine blew up. Yes, piston rod through the block, right in front of my sister new townhouse. Leaving engine fluids all over their formerly spotless driveway. My commute to work was twenty miles and no transit options available. I needed a car. And,

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Used car purchase tips

Helpful guide to buying a used car

I consider myself a car enthusiast. Those closest to me may call it an addiction, for I have owned many used cars over the years. But the apple didn’t fall far from the tree since my father and uncle share the same enthusiasm. At one point my uncle had 32 cars while living and going to school in Berkley. My father had less, but both of them were the usual suspects for parking tickets. Mind

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Lithium-Ion Versus Nickel Metal Hydride Replacement Battery for My Prius?

I returned home to California from a two-week trip to Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.  When I made it back to start my 2014  Toyota Prius to return home the car was unresponsive.  Usually when the car powers up, the motor will start for a few minutes and you are ready to go. I pretty much take for granted. Fortunately I was near a power outlet and I had access to a battery charger which I

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Ultimate guide to Clean a Windshield

You know when you take your sweet ride through the gas station car wash and the dryer doesn’t quite get all of the water spots? Or when your partner puts their bare feet on the window leaving oily toe smudges? Or how about when you just quickly use Windex and a good old-fashioned paper towel only to find debris and remnants, and again, that fog? Yeah, we need to graduate from this level of so-called

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road trip

The Ultimate Guide To Planning a Road Trip

Featured Road trip Photo by Averie Woodard Planning a road trip with friends and family can be an overwhelming task. It may even send you spiraling into a full-blown panic attack. Well, rest assured; this guide will ease the stress by making sure you cover the fundamentals. And yes, I only mean the fundamentals because there is no perfect road trip.  There will ALWAYS BE THAT ONE PERSON WHO ISN’T SATISFIED. You might know who

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The Best Practical Honolulu Car Rental Alternatives

If you’ve traveled to Honolulu recently or plan to soon, you need to be aware of the shortage of rental cars. In a space as open as Honolulu or Hawaii in General, cars are essential to get to where you’re going.  As we know, the pandemic affected everything, even in ways that we could never imagine. Lack of employees, supplies, and materials is now an issue of the aftermath of the Covid-19 shutdown. So how

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