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Disc brake technology

Types of Brakes for Cars

In the 1900s before the boom of the automobile industry, mechanical brakes were commonly used, which involved a system of rods, levers, and cables to apply pressure on the brake drums.

As technology advanced, hydraulic brakes were introduced in the 1920s. These brakes utilized fluid pressure to apply force from the brake pedal to the brake shoes or pads, providing stopping power and better control

Later on, huge technological breakthroughs were made, such as

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general motors ev1

The General Motors EV1 Program

The General Motors EV1 program, though short-lived, holds a significant place in electric vehicle history. Its roots can be traced back to the early 1990s, a time when concerns about air pollution and dependence on foreign oil were gaining momentum. In 1990, GM unveiled the Impact, a futuristic electric concept car, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The positive reception for the Impact, coupled with stricter emissions regulations from the California Air Resources Board (CARB),

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The New 1000 HP Mullen FIVE RS Will Make You Scream (200 MPH Guaranteed!)

This guide explores the Mullen FIVE RS, a California-built EV with 1000 horsepower, 200mph speed, and 0-60 in 1.9 seconds. Discover its features and book your reservation for this high-powered masterpiece. Mullen Automotive is a relatively new player in the automotive manufacturing world. It is a fast-growing company based in California and aims to build 100% US-built premium EVs. The company is focused on offering these vehicles at affordable prices. The company was founded in

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GM Ultium platform

The New GM’s Ultium Odyssey is Here to Power Electric Revolution

The Ultium Odyssey is here. The GM’s Ultium Battery Revolution shaping the future of Electric Vehicles. Learn about strategic partnerships, innovative features, and the ambitious plan to introduce 30 new global EVs. To meet the ever-growing demand for electric vehicles globally, GM is working hard to accomplish its claim of introducing 30 new global Electric Vehicles. In mid-2021, GM announced that it would be bolstering up investments in the EV and Autonomous Vehicle segment by

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Disc brake technology

How to Choose the Best Brake Pad Compounds Today

The brake pads are the muscle of your vehicle’s braking system. When you hit the brakes, they clamp the brake rotors, creating friction that transforms your vehicle’s kinetic energy into heat. The pad’s area that comes into contact with the rotors is called lining compound, friction material, or just compound. These days, the most popular compounds are semi-metallic, organic, and ceramic. In this article, we will give you some insights about them, their pros and

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rivian vs lucid

Electrifying Showdown: Lucid Gravity VS Rivian R1S – A Head-to-Head Analysis

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles, two contenders have emerged to redefine the standards of luxury and performance: the Lucid Gravity and the Rivian R1S. As the automotive industry pivots towards sustainability and cutting-edge technology, these all-electric SUVs stand at the forefront of innovation, promising not only zero-emission driving but also a thrilling and luxurious experience. In this in-depth electric SUV comparison, we will dissect the Lucid Gravity VS Rivian R1S, exploring their design,

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electric car maintenance

Electric Versus Gas Car Maintenance: The “Current” State of Affairs

Ask any car owner about maintenance, and they will always complain it costs an arm and a leg. But that’s when we’re talking about the trusty old gas guzzlers. The older the car, typically the more expensive it is to look after. But, let’s face it, most people won’t dare take their beloved Pontiac Firebird to a mechanic until they hear the right combination of scratches, screeches, and the exhaust dragging against the asphalt. But

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Ultra long range vehicles

Ultra Long Range EVs: The Future of Electric Driving

A decade ago, Tesla released the Model S vehicle, a sports saloon with over 330 miles of range. At the time, the EV world was ecstatic. It was the lengthiest range of any production electric vehicle in the world.  However, today, expectations and goals are higher. Drivers want automotive perfection: long-range electric vehicles with 500+ miles of range that will get them to most destinations without needing to stop at a charging station.  Unfortunately, the

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Mullen Automotive

Mullen Automotive: Accelerating the Future of Electric Vehicles

Hello to all you motorheads, car aficionados, and electric vehicle enthusiasts! In this article, we are going to take a closer look at Mullen Automotive, which is a fairly new EV company that is making waves in all the right places, and which is potentially set to change the world of eclectic vehicles once and for all. But who exactly is this Southern-Californian company known as  Mullen Automotive? Mullen automotive start of the Journey Our

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car enthusiast

What Makes a Car Enthusiast and Why Do They Do It?

Most people have probably come across a car enthusiast at some point in their lives. There are different levels of people who love cars and different reasons they might obsess over them. Some people may just really love their own car, while others enjoy exploring what there is to know about cars of all kinds. To some, an obsession with cars can seem baffling. If you see them mostly as a practical means of transport,

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