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Are LED headlights any good?

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Volvo with bright white/blue lights
Conventional headlamps prior to LED conversion

Look familiar?  I used to think it was a senior citizen thing and I did have the anti-glare coating added to my glasses in the hope that the bright lights while driving at night would improve.  Well it did not.  It is one thing to be blinded by a lifted truck and that is something we have come to expect or at least I have but when a lowered car blinds you then something is not right.  Most other states require periodic vehicle inspections. This typically includes the headlamps but here in California there is no such inspection.  So car headlamps are essentially a free for all here.  There are guidelines and rules regarding automobile headlamps and this site provide some comprehensive information.

Headlamp adjustment is right up there with checking the air in your spare tire or even having the transmission serviced. I own a 2014 Prius and the OEM light bulb is known as H-11.  This is a halogen bulb.  Halogen bulbs do ok but they actually die a slow death as they get dimmer over time plus they do not do well in a rough environment. 

Fortunately there are LED replacement bulbs out there that you can easily substitute the halogen bulb with.  A simple search for the LED replacement will almost overwhelm you.  And they can be really bright too plus they do not really cost much more than the OEM bulbs.  So here is your chance to get even with all those cars that have blinded you.

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