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2024 Review of the Turtle Wax Rapid Decon Wheel Cleaner

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Turtle wax rapid decon

Turtle wax rapid decon wheel cleaner and iron remover is a part of Turtle Wax’s new hybrid solutions line up. I cant remember exactly when it came out but must have been in the last year or two. So far I have enjoyed the whole product line, I think they make some very effective products at very reasonable prices. But one thing that I have not seen before is a dual use: Iron decon and wheel cleaner. How can something that is used for cleaning off brake dust also remove iron contaminates without harming the paint? Well I guess they figured it out, but is it any good?

Key take aways from the Turtle Wax Rapid Decon Wheel Cleaner

  • Summary from using this product:
    • Not gel like, some others are thick and gooey but this one was more water like
    • Smells great compared to traditional iron decon products
    • Does a great job with extreme brake dust build up
    • Agitation improved the performance, might need a few rounds to get the tight spots
    • Did not harm the paint, I did not test it on vinyl and vinyl mfgs say not to use anything on it, so there is that
    • Very well priced for a dual purpose product. Most Iron decon sprays are around $1/Oz while this is a little more than .50 cents (assuming you didn’t buy in bulk)

How to use Turtle Wax Rapid Decon Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover

  1. Wet the work area down and make sure you are in a shady spot since you do not want to let this stuff dry out
  2. It does not say it on the bottle but it does help if you remove any grease or oily spots.
  3. Spray on the Turtle Wax wheel cleaner and iron remover and let sit for 2-4 min
    • you will see the iron contaminates change the color of the product to a dark purple
  4. Agitate in those 2-4 min with a brush on extremely dirty rims
  5. Thoroughly rinse off
  6. Dry the area and seal in with a wax of your choice.

Testing the product on caked up brake dust

To truly test the quality of a product you really need to throw real life examples at it. Lab and staged tests can only take you so far. There are many product reviews on YouTube that will do the 100 wash test for a spray sealant. While this is good for a product comparison it does not exactly translate to real life. It does not take into account UV exposure and breakdown of the product over time.

For this test I had a great opportunity to throw at it. A 2017 Camaro ZL1 with 7 track days and two sets of brake pads worth of dust build up. This also was not built up in one week, this was over 2 years and washes in between. This brake dust was caked and baked. Below you can see the starting point AFTER a scrub and rinse.

The Results

Does it clean brake dust off of a caliper?

Yes, yes it does. It did so very easily. I was impressed give what I was starting with. The below pictures are after one round of soaking, scrubbing and rinsing. It was also a pleasant experience since it did not have that awful iron decontamination smell. Turtle wax advertises their scent lock technology and yeah it works. Also the fact that it removed so much build up after one clean cycle made the job that much faster and easier.

Does it do a good job on the rims?

Answer is yes, however this took 2 separate soak, scrub rinse cycles of the turtle wax wheel cleaner. Still though very impressed how this made easy work of the caked on brake dust. The photos below are before and after 2x cleans using the rapid decon product.

Turtle Wax Rapid Decon Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover Conclusion

As you can see from the above photos and test analysis the turtle wax rapid decon did a great job. At the time of this writing the spray is going from about $15 on amazon which makes it very cost effective when compared just iron decon sprays. In addition to this it is also a wheel cleaner. Having an iron remover in the wheel cleaner makes sense. Many brake pad compounds have metallic particles embedded in them that sheds off with the wear of the pad. This metallic dust particle can lodge itself in your rims and paint in the surrounding areas. Which you cant see with your naked eye. Later this metal bit can initiate a rust site. So having this combination is a good idea. Spray it on the rims to clean the tough brake dust off, then spray on the paint near the wheel wells to remove any iron bits.

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